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It has been a very successful and wonderful journey for Yatna so far. All this was possible with the commitment of each every Yatnite who have been motivated with the Quality policy of Yatna.

YATNA assures commitment and strengthen customer association for mutual benefit by continual improvement of Quality in Technology, IT and Processes to address Customer requirements.

YATNA's key strength lies with its Ethics, Continuity of business relations, Adaptability and Agility that is been embed in every YATNITE.

To support the process for refinement and redefinition Yatna has initiated QMS ISO 9001-2000. Yatna is in the process of being assessed for ISO certification.
This a brief introduction of Yatna and its success journey till date. The same has been further defined in detail in Yatna Profile and Growth plan.
This is a humble request to assess us and our Engineering & IT services with solutions, which can build a long standing relation for mutual benefit.

Yatna Engineering Solutions Private Limited.

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