HR Services

Staffing Solutions and Supply of MAN RESOURCES
Retaining human resources has become a challenge for all service sector companies and
manufacturing companies as well. A trained fresher may fill the part of the requirements. By keeping and maintain quality in training to achieve corporate expectations, Yatna has made a new trend in trainings.
Advances in CAD/CAM technology today, drive the way the industry designs and manufactures
products. In Today's competitive environment, where companies have invested in High-End CAD/ CAM Software applications, there is a strong demand for technically competent people who know how to effectively use the versatile capabilities of these software to increase the efficiencies and productivity of the organization.
The projects that result from computer-aided design span a wide spectrum. These drawings may be architectural, mechanical, electrical or another form of design communication, hence creating job opportunities in diversified fields.
While the demand for engineers has been consistently high, more attention is being placed on theability to use manufacturing design software, which requires both engineering domain knowledge and IT skills. Indian I.T. professionals have proved that they are technically as their counterparts in developed countries and are in demand throughout the world.
Since Yatna offering full time training programs on CAD tools for fresher as well as working
Engineers in manufacturing industries, Yatna selects engineers who have been trained and
performing well. Based on the client requirements Yatna again train them on specific applications like manufacturing drawing support, 2d to 3d conversion, legacy data conversion, data transfer, reverse engineering, large assembly management, etc., and depute the engineers to client place.